robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. The wind is howling away...there are still yellow, gold, red, orange-ish, and even green leaves...but they may not be here long.

2. D has gym with one of the boys from his football (and upcoming bball) team -- and they just started bball in gym. D and this boy are on the same team, and they've won all their 'games' so far...he says it's been a lot of fun :)

3. E has a few performances for choir in the next few weeks. Next week, the entire 5th grade has their Veteran's Day performance (D's 5th grade did this, as well). Then the choir performs for grandparents on Thursday -- and in four weeks, they have their Christmas performances (well, winter holidays). Fortunately, she loves choir, so she's a happy camper these days.

4. Well, the worst week of work ended yesterday. I still have a few stragglers, but I'm basically done -- thank goodness! Now we've moved on to the second drafts...and book reports with one class. That won't be fun, either, but at least it's the smallest class I have!

5. I'm taking E to a climbing wall today (or tomorrow). She loves to climb, and we've not really made much time for it. Hopefully, she'll enjoy these little forays...

E's bday is in two weeks -- how is that possible???
Tags: bball, choir, wind
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