robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup... was actually a pretty relaxing weekend...

...I didn't leave the house on Saturday as it snowed (gentle, fluffy flakes). The kiddos went out and sledded (and got all rosy-cheeked), and DH made a turkey (something he often does this time of year -- a couple weeks before Thanksgiving). We also had hot chocolate. :)

...on Sunday, the Broncos lost, which made both D and DH grumpy. I had to leave (with D) to get him bball shoes for tonight's practice -- which made me grumpy (ha).

Only four more days (three for me -- I'll probably have a few papers for students who are behind, but I should be able to take at least five days off from any grading -- yay!) till Thanksgiving break. E's b-day is Friday, so we have a busy weekend (but a good kind of busy)...
Tags: bball, birthday, family life, glorious seasons

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