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Something's in the air...

Ready for some non-writing angst? Yeesh. This was my day so far:

- I went to the gym for some much needed endorphins -- I mean, exercise. E wanted to go too, to play with 'her kids', as she calls the day care there. We've done this many, many times. Everything went normally until I turned to leave her...and she burst into tears and clung to my legs. The daycare worker (someone I know fairly well), pried her off my legs and told me to go. "She'll be fine as soon as you leave." So I went and ran a few laps. But then my mom-radar was buzzing, so I decided to listen at the door, where E couldn't see me -- and yep, she was still screaming. 15 minutes later. Sigh. I had to fetch her and come home.

- We have a showing tomorrow (YAY!), so I decided to clean. The kids were playing outside so they wouldn't walk through the wet floors. E starts screaming -- turns out D thought he should pound nails with a rock and 'accidentally' pounded E's hand, instead.

- Next I sent them downstairs. After all, no rocks down there. An hour later, E is screaming again -- this time she climbed on Daddy's exercise equipment (which we've told her numerous times is out of bounds -- the entire little room it's in is out of bounds). Her toe is nicely bruised, but not broken (thankfully).

- I finally finished the cleaning (three hours worth) and it's NAP TIME! D wants his door open, and I say, "Sure. But if I hear too much noise, I'm closing it." Moments later, I hear him go into our bedroom. When I go up to check it out, D is bleeding. He thought it was a good idea to take Daddy's razor and shave off the callouses on his hand!?! this normal?
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