robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Top Reads of 2016...

I read ~177 books in 2016 (it was more than that -- I often stop cataloguing the re-reads at a certain point in the fall). In June, I had 10 5-star, first-time, YA reads. From July to December, I only had 1 (yikes). But here's the one:

Remember Yesterday, by Pintip Dunn
The premise of this (probable) trilogy is so unique (time travel involving twins born at different times), and I really enjoyed not only the science but the philosophy behind it all. The characters were complex and intriguing, as well.

Here's the list from the first half of the year:

There were more five-star re-reads than there were first-time...but that's not surprising, considering that I re-read them because they're so good, in the first place. :)

Soon, I'll post my first reads of the new year (I'm already behind in posting, so there are a few of them). Read on!
Tags: book reports, top eleven, ya
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