robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Top Reads of 2017...

First, the top 9 (-ish -- two series) five-star Young Adult:

(These are such a fun series, and I'm hoping more will come. Jack is a great MC, and I love the thriller feel -- but mostly the relationship between Jack and Leo, GLBT.)

(Best fantasy of the year, hands down -- second only to Tamora Pierce, imo)

(I especially like the unusual eclectic style in these sci-fi thrillers, and I'm looking forward to number three (coming out in May).)

(This was a very enjoyable contemporary drama.)

(A great mystery -- GLBT romance)

(Another great mystery)

(Great humorous book -- GLBT)

(Very sweet romance)

(Another great mystery -- GLBT romance)

Five-star reads seem to be rare these days, but all of the above were truly excellent books, imo!

And here are my adult five-star reads (only 4):

(You probably noticed a trend in my favorite adult reads -- all romantic suspense! And three by one
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