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Book Reports (16-17) ...

Because I've had trouble keeping up with my reading, I'm going to change my book report style a bit. Now I'm aiming to write reviews on Goodreads and simply post the link here. But I'm also going to change my star system:

* = Just not for me
** = Interesting premise but not engaging enough to complete
*** = Okay; didn't love but liked enough to finish (or at least skim)
**** = Good; liked the writing style and/or the plot enough to stick with it
***** = Loved; will definitely keep and/or re-read

Lethal Lies, by Rebecca Zanetti -- adult romance/mystery/thriller/sci-fi -- the continuing story of the Blood Brothers who are on the run from the woman who essentially created them in a lab; this was Heath's story, who, along with Anya, is working to find the Copper Killer, a serial killer who's after red-haired women (with Anya as his endgame)

Winter Ball, by Amy Lane -- adult male/male romance -- a friends-to-love tale between two 20-somethings who play soccer together in a winter league
Tags: adult, book reports, glbt
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