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Book Reports (101-115) ...

Because I've had trouble keeping up with my reading, I'm going to change my book report style a bit. Now I'm aiming to write reviews on Goodreads and simply post the link here. But I'm also going to change my star system:

* = Just not for me
** = Interesting premise but not engaging enough to complete
*** = Okay; didn't love but liked enough to finish (or at least skim)
**** = Good; liked the writing style and/or the plot enough to stick with it
***** = Loved; will definitely keep and/or re-read

[Note: Because I've put this off so long, I'm only going to show my rating, a basic description, and link to the GR page. Also, I'm bolding the title/description of those which got 4, 4+, or 5 stars.]

Fired Up, by Riley Hart -- m/m sports/firefighter romance

Final Play, by Eden Finley -- compilation of endings for all the previous books in the series

Hudson's Luck, by Lucy Lennox -- m/m humorous romance

His Saint, by Lucy Lennox -- m/m contemporary romance/mystery

Line Mates & Study Dates, by Eden Finley and Saxon James -- m/m college hockey romance

Choose Me, by Tess Gerritsen and Gary Braver -- adult suspense/thriller

Just Friends, by Saxon James -- m/m contemporary romance

Smoke Show, by Ashton Cade -- m/m romantic suspense (kind of)

King Me, by Lucy Lennox -- m/m romantic intrigue (with humor too)

The Endgame, by Riley Hart -- m/m sports (football) romance

Rockstar Hearts, by Eden Finley -- two novellas, m/m rockstar romance

**** R
Weep No More, My Lady, by Mary Higgins Clark -- adult (barely) romantic suspense

Roughing, by Michaela Grey -- m/m hockey romance

Butterfly, by Michaela Grey -- m/m hockey romance

Power Play, by Michaela Grey -- m/m hockey romance

(Part two) -- and yes, I can tell it's summer break. I've also been re-reading some books (doing my practice of reading 4 at once by rotating through), and I only included one of those here, LOL. I wonder if I'll actually make it to 200+ by the end of the year ...
Tags: adult, books reports, hockey, humorous, m/m, mystery, romance

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