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Might this be the one...?

Have you ever written something that you *knew* would be the book that would get you published? I have -- twice now, LOL. The first one did get more attention than my previous mss, so that was good. But the one I'm finishing now...well, I know it's exactly what many publishers are looking for right now -- it's contemporary, it's current, and it's fantasy (though not with elves or magical people)...I came close to finishing the first draft last night, and today, while I was at the gym, I read through's better than I thought, thankfully. I do that too, where I get to a certain point and start to wonder if I've lost all ability to know what's good and what isn't....

Anyway, I think it's good. I could be wrong, of course, but my gut says this one will get published. I'm going to a conference next weekend, and my goal is to get this one to the point that I can pitch it and not panic if they ask for the first few chaps...we'll see. I'm pretty fast, but I'm skiing Thursday, have company in Friday and Saturday, and Sunday's Easter -- ack!

And now my daughter's running down the hall calling my name...sigh. More later, we hope :)

Happy Easter, by the way -- and fresh writing!
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