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Kay's meme...

1. What is your favorite spread for toast? plain pnut butter
2. Describe your umbrella. What? I live in CO, we don't need umbrellas ;)
3. What piece of jewelry do you wear every day? My wedding ring
4. Who was president when you graduated from high school? ?? Maybe Bush number one? (I'm obviously politically challenged)
5. What is your favorite month of the year? August or September
6. What color shoes are you wearing? None
7. Describe a favorite childhood toy. My red bear, Sobba -- who had more missing stuffing than anything else....
8. Did you grow up in a one or two story house? one story till I was 8; then bi-level
9. Have you grown up to be who you wanted to be? Absolutely -- and then some.
10. Pretend you've been given $100 on the condition you spend it all on yourself. What do you buy? clothes from a real store, rather than a thrift store :) (and at least two books)
11. What color is your front door? Natural wood
12. What did you learn to type on: manual typewriter, electric typewriter, word processor, or computer? Manual typewriter
13. Which do you prefer, white, black, colored, or patterned socks? colored
14. Name two vegetables you'd like to have with dinner every night for a week. Vegetables?? -- I guess artichokes and spinach
15. It's a magic day. You may eat whatever you want for dinner, and your entire meal is guaranteed to be calorie free. What's on the menu? chicken and bean burrito, smothered with my dh's green chili and tons of sour cream; guacamole and chips; chocolate cake with thick chocolate frosting...mmmm.

Thanks, Kay, that was fun ;)
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