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Tomorrow I go to the PPWC -- woo-hoo! I'm really excited. Not only about the conference, which is great enough, but also about getting away from my other roles as mother and wife for a couple of days. I've got two mss to pitch -- one is much more polished than the other, but one of the agents I hope to meet with (I don't have an appointment with her yet -- I'm hoping someone has cancelled and I can grab a spot) has already rejected the better one. Well, that didn't sound right. *smirk*

Let's try again: the second one needs more revision than the first, but it's still good, imho. In fact, it's the one I think could get published easily -- as in quickly. It's current and urban fantasy...of course, it'll all come down to voice, and as I'm writing it in first person, which I've not tried before, it'll be very interesting to see if I've done it well.

I'm going with a good friend, and that will be nice, also. We're planning on taking turns waiting at the pitch room for people who don't show, while the other person attends the workshops and takes notes. There are some good speakers set, including Kristin Nelson and Erin Clarke. And Diane Mott Davidson is speaking during lunch tomorrow -- wonder if she'll be as funny in person as she is in her books?

Can you tell how excited I am??? I feel like a little girl again....
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