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After reading my LJ friends' blogs this morning, I've been thinking about the challenges and joys of having a blog.

OToneH, it's so wonderful to have a community of friends who are also writers and who understand so well what it's like to go through the constant roller coaster that is the publishing world. For me, it's truly a joy knowing my friends here and offering and receiving support, commiseration, and congrats :)

But OTOH, there's the misunderstandings. Sigh. I was involved in one of these myself last spring. I was unhappy about something, and I wanted desperately the support of someone who would understand -- so I blogged about it, all under careful locks, of course. I never mentioned any names, but I know it wasn't impossible to figure out. And the other writer involved heard about my struggles, and it hurt her. None of it was her fault in any way - and yet she was hurt. I don't regret what I did -- because I learned from it -- but I definitely regret that she had to be hurt in my learning process.

I suppose that's life. We can't learn without that interaction with others -- which means our process could cause pain to others. But it's made me more aware of how powerful my words are -- and should a situation like that arise again (as it probably will somewhere down the road), it's not that I won't seek support (because I'm sure I will), but I'll be much more careful in how I word my angst. It will all direct to me and no one else.

To the person I hurt, I appreciate your maturity about it all -- and I hope you take small comfort at least in the fact that I did learn something, sigh. This is a wonderful community, but it's also close and word gets around. I know I don't want to blog in such a way that I even imply divisiveness -- not a good way to repay all my wonderful friends!!
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