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A little Blue...

It's not that time of the month, but I'm a little blue anyway. I received yet another rejection this morning -- and it's not like she was my favorite agent hopeful, but I'm wondering if anyone will ever like what I write. I'm sure this is normal -- in fact, having read many other writers' blogs, I know that it is. But when I feel like this, I also think my husband is watching me and thinking, "She's never going to be published. She's wasting time and should be looking for a real job to help me out!" He's not said anything of the sort, of course, but that's what I think.

Finances are tight right now (for us and so many others), and although I'm not expecting in any way to make tons of money, I'd like to produce some kind of supplementary income for our family. We'd originally said that I'd stay home until both kids were in Kindergarten, but right now, if things don't change financially in the next year or two, that will no longer be an option. Sigh.

Enough whining...I'll keep writing, keep hoping, and keep praying for that one agent/editor who will read my work and love it....

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