robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

All right, another meme...

I am: optimistic and positive about life
* I want: to be an author and the best possible mother to my kids
* I wish: we didn't have to worry about money
* I hate: pessimism and negativity
* I love: the wind and its song
* I miss: ...I'm too blessed to have much to miss
* I fear: the many things I can't control -- mostly the death of those I love
* I hear: the hum of the computer inside; my children's playing outside
* I wonder: what the next stage in life will bring
* I regret: very little
* I am not: quiet or shy
* I dance: only when no one can see me (not even my husband)
* I sing: often
* I cry: seldom
* I am not always: very patient
* I make with my hands: this, that, and the other
* I write: I write, I write...I write
* I confuse: my left and right too!
* I need: more sleep, less weight, more exercise...more time
* I should: give my husband more backrubs
* I start: numerous embroidery projects every fall
* I finish: some of them
* I tag: anyone who feels like playing
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