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I've been reading and responding to the thread on SCBWI discussing teachers' pay rates...and it's definitely made me think of how I'd love to run the world -- at least this section of the world :) My first YA novel dealt in great detail (and why didn't someone want to publish it??, LOL) with politics in a small country. I had so much fun writing it and deciding how to set up all the new councils and what they'd do in their society. I'm definitely that kind of person -- except without the political ability to lie and put on a happy face (even when screwing over half the country)....

I started my own school simply because I didn't agree with the politics/organization/teaching methods/etc of the public schools...and I was once the head of the Department of Education for a large church -- whew, talk about too many opinions and not enough cool-headed logic...but that position put me on the Executive Board (doesn't that sound fancy) of this same church, where I was the only female and the only member under 55 (I was 23 at the time) -- and no one listened to me!

I've thought about running for the State-wide Board of Education, believe it or not...I've thought of it often. In fact, I recently was offered a position on the board of a private school, but they wanted me to do fund-raising (ack!!! -- I HATE FUND-RAISING) so I declined. But someday, I might try working my way up the ranks, starting, I'm sure, with PTA...something has to be done, and I'm not afraid to tackle it...I don't think.

When I started my school, I had numerous businessmen that I knew (through church again -- which I was asked to leave soon after the whole dept of Ed thing) tell me that I'd never make it. they said my ideals were great, but I knew nothing about business (they were right) and that parents wouldn't trust a child (well, i was young to them -- and to me) with their children's education...they were wrong. The school ran for nine years, and probably would have continued longer if I hadn't closed it down. I think so many of us forget what it takes for every person with a dream to accomplish their goals...belief in themselves and conviction that what they're pursuing is worth pursuing.

I'll keep you updated (wink, wink) on the politics' front....

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