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The things no one tells you about...

Before I became a mom, I heard others talk about how hard it could be...though I didn't pay a lot of attention because I had no basis for comparison. Then, while I was pregnant, I began to think of how I was losing my life, in a sense. My mom told me it was similar to being single right before you get married -- that fear of losing autonomy and freedom. And she was right, of course...but what no one told me (probably because they assumed I'd find out soon enough) was how it's the little things that are the true struggles. I love being a mom -- I love my children more than I even knew was possible.

But I don't love the bickering, the whining, the constant need for entertainment and diversion, the also-constant need for consistency (even when I'm tired or hungry or worried or just plain grouchy). It's like having to plan meals every night -- it never seems to end, and it's boring, to put it plainly.

I guess, though, that the most important thing no one could tell me about is how my heart swells with love and wonder when I look at their sweet faces, when I think of them and their smiles and giggles. When they run to me, calling, 'Mama, Mama!' When my son says, 'I missed you, Mommy' when I was only gone for an hour. Or 'I'm so glad you're my mommy.' That's what makes the rest worth it -- and many other mothers have told me that: the joys far outweigh the struggles...thank God for that!
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