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First the book meme -- I was tagged twice, so I guess I should do it ;) Rather than use the book nearest me, however (as that's a mountain biking book), I'll use the book I most recently read: Girl at Sea, by Maureen Johnson.

p. 123, first three sentences after the fifth sentence on the page:

He was guarding his cards, moving his boat, gathering his treasure.... He had snapped. And he had taken them all with him.

I tag fabulousfrock, ravelda, shaelise, jenny_moss, and tracysworld -- play if you want to :)

And another meme, because personality tests always suck me in -- even though I must say that this one makes me look like I'm completely lacking in personality, sigh. But it's pretty accurate of my state of mind right this minute, I have to admit.

My Personality
Openness to Experience
You do not feel nervous in social situations, and have a good impression of what others think of you, however you don't usually get angry too easily but some things can annoy you. You get overwhelmed by too much noise and commotion and do not like thrill-seeking activities. You tend not to express your emotions openly and are sometimes not even aware of your own feelings. You do not enjoy confrontation, but you will stand up for yourself or push your point if you feel it is important, however you do not particularly like helping other people. Requests for help feel like an imposition on your time. You take your time when making decisions and will deliberate on all the possible consequences and alternatives.

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