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I'm a very impatient person...though when I did the 'what color blue are you?', I came up sky blue, which is mellow. I guess I'm pretty mellow about life in general, but this writing thing -- oy! This is how I'm impatient: I'm working on two mss right now, and I think both of them might pique the interest of my top five agents. But I'm having such a hard time writing them thoroughly and well...I keep daydreaming about sending the agents partials and having all of them ask for more -- and of course, ultimately, having at least one of the offer representation! Sigh....

I'm about a third of the way through one, and I've almost finished the first draft of the other -- but the second one is in worse shape...I need to start over and do an overhaul of the plot. Then I'll need to go through again and make sure my mc actually grows emotionally. I like this aspect of writing, by the way. In fact, if I was an artist, I think I'd be the type who threw paint at the canvas, and then went back and shaped it into what I wanted. That's pretty much what I do in writing. The first ms is in the good shape it is because I already wrote it once -- decided I hated it -- and started all over again. So this time is more of a shaping period for me. And I know I'll have edits and changes, but I don't think they'll be the major ones needed by the other.

My goal, realistic or not (one that reassures me every time I remind myself of it), is to have at least one of them beautiful and ready to query by the end of June...five weeks away. I'm pretty fast, so I think it's do-able...I'm so impatient, did I mention that?

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