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Now that I know what day it is...

Yeesh -- I did figure out it was only Wednesday after posting (and when I got responses) yesterday. I think D and I must have a mild bug, because we both had the headache/fuzzy head/weird stomach (though no barfing, thank goodness) feeling. Today is better, but I'm not all back (and he probably isn't either).

I still finished all my grading yesterday (didn't have much choice), so that might be the reason for happier feelings today too. :)

And now I can officially say: I hope your Thursday is a great one!
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Four on Friday...

1. I went to the chiropractor again today (went on Monday also), and my hip and lower back are slowly moving back into alignment -- yay for the possibility of walking and hiking again without pain. :)

2. I also have a migraine today (sigh). I'm hoping that freeing up my lower back will also mean that some of the headache pain will also ease (since I've eliminated migraines every other month) -- but I realize that I'm very fortunate to basically be a very healthy person. Any health issues I have are rare and minor, and I'm aware that it's a blessing :)

3. FYI, however, I am trying something new. Sleep has been a problem for the past week and a half, and after Weds night (when I had annoying -- not painful -- muscle twitches again), I started Googling to find something, anything, which might help. I stumbled across a ton of info about magnesium oil -- and so I went out and got some (we're very fortunate to have a company called Vitamin Cottage -- they have almost everything you could want for natural health support). I used it yesterday, and last night (coincidence or not), I not only slept better, but the muscle twitches were completely absent. I'll keep using it until I sleep well again (which is basically the point of the oil -- magnesium deficiency leads to all kinds of health issues -- which many people know -- but getting enough magnesium can be tough because when taken orally it leads to, erm, loose bowels; taking it topically avoids that aspect). Once the symptoms disappear, supposedly that means your magnesium levels are back to where they should be...so we'll see. :) (If you want to try this stuff and don't have a Vitamin Cottage, you can get it through Amazon for a pretty low price, I believe.)

4. Did you know that B&N now has a flourless, chocolate torte? That made me a happy camper today (I didn't get one, but simply known that I could made me smile) -- I used to go to B&N on Fridays to write and have a little treat, and I haven't done that since I went GF. I think I'll have to start that tradition again...a little me time. :)

Happy weekend! Doing anything special or fall-ish?