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Four on Friday...

1. It's taken most of this week to recover from our vacation. ;)

2. We had a nice day with my brother yesterday (and his kiddos) and with my bff and her daughter today. It's nice to have the freedom (ie, from school) to do these things.

3. We have a relaxing and low-key weekend before us too -- yay! The kiddos don't like it, but I *need* these times with no real plans.

4. We've not really had a hot day yet this summer (though it's only been summer for a week, right?), but I guess Sunday is supposed to get well over 90...we'll be in the mountains hiking. Last June weekend -- so hard to believe! We only have 7 weeks of summer break left. :(

What made June outstanding for you? :)


We don't actually have frost -- but the clouds came down last night, and they still haven't lifted. It's a dark, misty morning...very Halloween-y.

I have yoga, and I'm hoping I'll stay awake for it. Last week, I kept getting dizzy and nauseous during the various moves. (But then, last week -- until yesterday afternoon -- was the giant Headache.) Perhaps this week will go better.

D supposedly has practice in this weather...lucky him (not).

Perfect day to curl up with a great book -- think my students would mind if I just do that? (ha)

Happy Tuesday.


Apparently temps are so low where my MIL lives that she can't leave her home overnight because they need to keep the pipes from freezing and bursting -- bummer! There's this strange cold front which is hitting along the western side of the Continental Divide (along the Rocky Mtns) -- of course, it's supposed to be cold here this weekend too, but still about ten degrees higher than they're experiencing. Weather is a funny phenomenon, isn't it?

All my students (excepting one class) are working on research papers this session -- and it's meant a TON of e-mailing back and forth for me. I've spent close to three hours each yesterday and today just dealing with the e-mailed questions, comments, pleas for help, topic suggestions, etc. It's crazy!

The kiddos go back to school tomorrow, and they're not thrilled. None of us are (we love sleeping in), but at the same time, it'll be good to get back to a routine again. I don't go in to help until next week, so I'll have three whole days to myself (what to do, what to do?).

Yoga was wonderful and painful this morning. It's my first class in three weeks, and man-oh-man, my shoulders and upper back are feeling it. The good news is that my hips seem to be in good shape...but oh, my shoulders are so weak!

I love texting -- DH knew that might be an issue when we upgraded our phones, and he was right. :) I may never call anyone again...just saying (don't worry -- no texting and driving!).

One week till DH turns the big 4-5. Since his mom has decided she can't do the surprise party thing, I mentioned it to him (for future reference), and he's NOT interested. He'd like a party somewhere else, but I think the thought of all those people in our own home stresses him out (I know it does me).

Hope it's been a good Tuesday for you -- any random thoughts to share?

Friday Four...

1. Today was the Father and Kids breakfast at school, so the house is peaceful and quiet -- and I got to sleep in a bit :)

2. It's still raining (and there's even some snow not too far up)...

3. E and I are shopping for D's b-day today -- wonder what she's going to get him?

4. For some reason, I find myself thinking about leather boots (hehe).

Happy Friday! (Stay dry, heh)
deer winter


...the clouds are gorgeous this morning -- all feathery and wispy.

...I'm annoyed. (Yes, it's because of the whole publishing world. Blech.)

...D had a break-through in piano yesterday -- I so hope it lasts!!

...anyone know anything about drop shipping?

...I dreamt about the kitty and biking last night -- it was just as weird and discombobulated as it sounds.

...Shaun White -- wow.

Happy Thursday!


I was thinking the other day about the power of a kiss. Interestingly, I'm not big on kissing -- I prefer a good hug. But there's no doubt that seeing (or reading about) some kisses can have a powerful effect. The right kiss can pull the viewer into the screen; make them feel like they're experiencing the emotions shown. Certainly reading about kisses can do the same thing, though there has to be much more in the build-up to the kiss.

I have a top three of on-screen kisses -- each of these totally drew me into the emotions of the story, and even now, decades later, I can close my eyes and see them unfold.

#3 -- Andie and Blane at the end of Pretty in Pink -- he practically worships her mouth in that kiss (pic from a different kiss in the movie, but it works).

#2 -- Watts and Keith (the human tater tot, hehe) in the middle of Some Kind of Wonderful -- I mean, really...would anyone who's seen that movie disagree? That was a seriously hot kiss.

And my favorite of all time, #1 -- Jessica and Jim about 2/3 through The Man from Snowy River -- Wow...seriously, that kiss as the sun sets behind them, while they sit on his horse...*melts* I so wanted to be kissed like that! (pic from moments before kiss)

How about you? Which kisses have you seen which affected you?

ETA: pics :)

Random thoughts...

* It snowed again last night, but because it's sooooo cold (single digits?), we only got a couple of inches.

* We're hopefully headed up to my good friend's house today -- her daughter and D have known each other since their first year of pre-school -- and it was because of their friendship that O's mom and I met. Since she's now one of my dearest friends, I feel very blessed :) They live up the canyon, so they might have gotten more snow than we did...but the kiddos are crossing their fingers that it will still work out!

* We always spend Christmas Eve with my parents, so the kiddos are getting excited that it's only a day away...it's nice to be past most of the prep and just get to enjoy it, isn't it?

* I hope your holiday season is also winding down to the most important parts -- those time with friends and family, enjoying the beauty of friendship and laughter and love and sharing...many HUGS to you all today!